It allows a internet caller application to issue, transfer, and redeem internet voucher in a uniform manner independent of voucher the VTS codes implementation.
Requirements and Design for Voucher Trading System (VTS).By, ko Fujimura and.Unlike the APIs provided in JCC and gpsf, which are designed voucher to transfer only monetary values, this API enables the transfer of a wide-range of values through the use of XML-based Generic Voucher Language.These specifications are being designed to interoperate with the Internet Open vouchers Trading Protocol (iotp) and with the Electronic Commerce Modeling online Language (ecml) specification, as well as with XML and XML-Signature.For discount coupons or event tickets, for example, the smart-card-based decentralized voucher offline VTS is often preferred, whereas for bonds or securities, the centralized online VTS may be preferred. It is impractical to define any etsy standard protocol at this moment." internet "To provide freedom in terms of VTS selection for issuers and application developers, a standard Voucher Trading System Application Programming Interface (VTS-API) that can encapsulate VTS implementations should be specified.

The VTS voucher requirements document calls for implementation of code the topshop Voucher Trading System based upon a Voucher Trading Protocol (VTP VTS Application Programming Interface topshop (VTS-API and Generic Voucher Language (GVL).Mailing list archives for 'ietf-trade' list.To achieve consistency with pour other related standards shown below, the syntax of voucher the language must be based on XML.Using codes vouchers, shopping a wide-range of electronic-values, including points or coupons, can be handled in a uniform manner with one trading software module."."This document specifies the Voucher Trading System Application Programming Interface (VTS-API).Consumers may also be forced to install a number voucher of software modules to handle these points or coupons." "A voucher is a digital representation shopping of the right to claim services or goods.A voucher can be used to transfer a wide-range of electronic-values, including coupons, tickets, promo loyalty points, and gift certificates, which are often necessary to process in the course of payment and/or codes delivery transactions.Ietf Network Working Group.Basic functions,.e., issue, transfer, and redeem, provided by VTS-API can be straightforwardly derived from the VTS model described in this alldebrid document.A voucher is generated by the issuer, traded among users, and finally collected by the collector using VTS.The VTS is a system to securely transfer vouchers,.g., coupons, tickets, loyalty points, and gift certificates; this process is often necessary in the course of payment and/or delivery transactions.Request for Comments: 3506.Reference: "This document specifies rules for defining voucher properties in XML syntax. More design details of the VTS-API will be discussed in a separate document or a separate VTS-API specification." "To satisfy the diverse requirements placed on VTS, a standard Generic Voucher Language (GVL) that realizes various voucher properties should be specified.
The language should be able to define diverse Promises P of the voucher tuple I, P, H to cover tickets, coupons, loyalty points, and gift certificates uniformly.