Lets consider some of the above example for voucher receipt voucher enter cash receipt transactions.
Example, suppose Rs contra 10000 Cash received from RK Trading Company (a Sundry Debtor) on Entry will be, cash Dr 10000, to RK Trading Company 10000.
Select this tally icon receipt with the help of mouse or press F6 key.The moment you type G a list of account heads started with alphabet G shall appear.A receipt voucher receipt can be generated on ClearTax GST software.Let's take an example to learn about passing receipt entries in Tally ERP9.In Debit amount write 20000 and tally press Enter key.When during receipt of advance the nature of supply voucher is not determinable the nature of supply shall be deemed to be interState payment supply.Which is receipt of cash from a debtor.Amount of sgst @ 9 receipt Rs 76271.Learn : Journalising examples Cash Receipt Entry Now lets enter this cash receipt in tally, change the date receipt by pressing F2 shortcut key or click on date button if required.After you press Y, accounting voucher and all details vanish from the screen and a new voucher appears then you can say that your voucher is entered and saved.Here, you just stop for a while and check that every detail is correct. As such sale, receipt is equally important in a business.
Bansal, On October definition 2, 2012, illustration.
Use Single entry mode for payment/receipt/contra vouchers: No The Voucher voucher double entry receipt voucher screen will look like below image, there is a slight change in the screen.

See lauren in right side.Particular Column write Gift House.If this is not your case you can activate ralph the promo single entry definition mode by contra Clicking F12 Configure button from your keyboard or on the right button panel of voucher Tally ERP.Now, receipt the following promo definition screen will appear.Check no tally 546845 received Rs contra 1000 voucher on account of Commission deposited ralph in Axis bank a/c # 451.Then press Enter promo key.Check no 546845 received Rs 1000 on account of Commission. If there is any mistake then press N definition key otherwise press Y or press Enter key.