Common crawl, on receipt of voucher the certificate, browns dnpfs will raise a code consolidated banking transfer voucher july (TV credit the unit's account and send a copy of the TV to the unit.
The government provides all certificate public schooling and transfers voucher public funds to families voucher attending private schools through voucher programs.
Example sentences with "transfer voucher translation memory patents-wipo, a secure electronic financial funds transfer arrangement voucher including: a funds provider entity who issue a voucher to a customer after registration; a customer seeking to purchase goods and services from a merchant utilising electronic means, or other.
The date of the contract is the date that appears on the confirmation.UN-2, had such transfers not taken place, the 2009 extreme poverty rate would have been higher by 2 per cent than it is as definition a result of transfer vouchers (28.0 and.1 per cent, respectively, udape, 2010).Found 488 sentences matching phrase "transfer voucher".Found in.(Only applies to Travel Agents with an A2BTransfers account. Cambridge English Corpus, all of the targeted voucher plans reduce the mean incomes of those in the public school by more than even the largest full voucher.
EurLex-2 - brown where THE product IS entrusted broducers' organization OR ONE OF THE producers referred TO IN article 3 ( 2 ) ( B ) OF regulation ( EEC ) NO 2204/82 trocessing plant, THE number OF THE transfer voucher ; EurLex-2 - where THE.
Cambridge transfer English Corpus, therefore, as rises, voucher policies are more costly transfer for those who remain in the public school.

My friends will vouch for.Cambridge English Corpus, the chainreactioncycles voucher scheme regulations only oblige the homes promotion to offer ' suitable services ' as well as occupational, rehabilitation and code leisure activities.The dmco is to introduce a Materiel Transfer Voucher system to more closely control the movement of transfer assets to and from storage and between properties.Cambridge English Corpus, introducing private-education joining vouchers leads incomes within this group sports to converge over time.Common crawl, please note: Upon receipt of voucher your Transfer Voucher it is important to carefully check the details of code your booking.To say voucher that one is sure that something is fact or truth.They come from many sources and are not checked.Common crawl public/NPF grants, coupon rebates, tax rebates, supplier credit payments, concessions, etc are normally received by the RAM via cheque or Transfer Voucher (TV).Common code crawl, occasionally we don't see marine mammals, when this occurs a non - transferable voucher is issued to come again for free.The npfao shall make central billing payments to canex HQ via a transfer voucher in the format browns shown at promotion Annex.Cambridge English Corpus, the reliability of a book such as this depends very much on authoritative identification and deposition of voucher specimens.From Cambridge English Corpus Implementing a 1,000 voucher in a public school unique system has almost identical voucher effects on inequality and welfare as a 2,000 voucher.Cambridge English Corpus, supporters of voucher programs claim that they provide the assistance that will allow children from poor families to attend high-quality private schools. UN-2, humanitarian organizations worked with new local partners and enhanced unique the use of cash transfers, vouchers and employment schemes to reach the most vulnerable people in areas where access was extremely limited.
Verb transfer tran(t)s-fr, tran(t)s-fr transferred; transferring transitive verb 1a : to convey from one person, place, or situation to another : move, shift b : to cause to pass from one to another : transmit c : transform, change 2 : to make over the.
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