Rs 150000 paid to Williams Mesh LTD towards the settlement of bill NO 896 through neft.
Some quick Tally tips, if you are voucher on recharge a voucher voucher entry section and tally you want to view the last vouchers then just press page up!
Here is meaning the voucher Entry section.Inventory Vouchers: There are by default 8 inventory vouchers are automatically created in Tally software.Payment voucher in Single entry mode In single voucher entry voucher mode, only one credit aspects can be entered but you can enter multiple debits. .Cheque issued to Ambuja cements for meaning Rs 150000.00 vide Cheque # meaning 456245, SBI A/c # 651.In this recharge series, I will post codes with all the voucher entry problems and solutions along with case study.If you dont know check here.Buttons, options, and menu which are available in this section will increase your knowledge and will help you to quickly post vouchers.Look to the right sidebar.If payment the ledger creation is perfect and you post vouchers correctly then P 9 will give you a balance sheet or a trail balance automatically.Exp: Paid Salary 10000 and Rent 5000.Give your important suggestions regarding this post in the comment the box.F2 is to select/change the date of the voucher entry.We have created a video on this topic, watch it If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for Tally erp 9 video tutorials.Here is the typical tally main menu of P 9 software which is also called as Gateway of.You can also find us on Facebook. Business makes payments for purchasing raw materials, capital codes recharge goods, goods for selling, office supplies and getting services like electricity, telephone bills, repayments like loan, payment of salary, wages etc.
Voucher Types in Tally: There are 18 vouchers already created in Tally software, which is divided into two parts:.

In that case, you should use a journal voucher.Go to, gateway of Tally Accounting Voucher, now click.Enter narration in the cest narration field.As in the below screen, you can cest see voucher Transactions which playstation has Accounting vouchers and Inventory vouchers.After reading this article you will be able to use Payment voucher in Tally.To configure, voucher printing, click on F12 configure, Where you can configure height width voucher of the voucher.You can also use this voucher to pay bill amount against credit purchases through discount this voucher.Accounting part, voucher when journal entry of this transaction is Telephone expense.00 To; look cash.00 Software part From the payment voucher, click F12 Configure , voucher In the voucher configuration screen disable the option Use single entry mode for tally payment/receipt/contra vouchers : No, save the configuration screen.Enter the narrations if required.To enter payment transaction of a company tally has a separate voucher type called payment voucher.To access this payment voucher.Cash 50000, must Read: How to use Debit Note Voucher in Tally. Transactions are defined as look buying and selling of goods and services for a consideration.
Sometimes we may pay through cash or bank.

M, the shortcode to activate Voucher entry.
Today we talk about one of the most important accounting voucher which name is Payment Voucher in voucher Tally.