Back to combination top G General Ledger (Actuals Ledger) The official record policy in vision of all financial transactions.
Affiliate, used in a TSF journal entry - business unit of department that combination you are receiving money from or sending money.Allocation - The movement of actual dollars, based on certain rules, performed with a journal (either automated or manual).Finalizing the purchase order liquidates entry the funds.Reports are jobs that need to combination be processed by the system.Invoice Number voucher In most cases, the number that a vendor invalid uses to identify a specific voucher purchase.Back to top F Favorites - A combination user-defined list of frequently-visited vision pages or frequently-used entry queries.The percent sign is the wildcard used in vision.Back to top U UOM Unit of Measure back voucher to top V Voucher - The vision accounting document that serves as the basis for cutting checks or generating payments and recording financial transactions to pay a vendor.Chartstring - A set of chartfields strung france together to represent the proper categorization of a financial transaction.Requisition - Requisitions are a request code for a purchase order. The purchase order details and defines the terms and conditions of the purchase.
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Liability france A voucher financial obligation entered in the balance sheet.FootPrints - A web-based tool used to track requests for assistance in the use of vision.The use of chartfields separates the unique aspects of each golf transaction into relational segments for summarization and delta reporting.Recycle - For journals, france this is entry a status that prevents posting.Liquidate - The process of releasing encumbered funds on refund france a purchase order for which a final invoice has been received and there is a remaining amount on the purchase order.In vision Financials, reports use a Run Control ID and present information.pdf file format.BDA Blanket Delegation ваучер of Authority Blanket Delegation of Authority - Authority granted by State wide Purchasing to agencies and departments to directly purchase specific types and classes of items with limited or variable availability considerations.Adjustment Voucher, a voucher code to recognize and account for a credit received on an invoice.Back to top O One Time Supplier Suppliers who are voucher set up by the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Treasurers Office and are paid only once.ONL Intra-department (within a single department) transfer.SQR Structured combination Query Reporting.The first 4 digits are the Business Unit france without the leading digit.Journal Voucher A zero-balance voucher that is used to correct voucher accounting entries on a previously entered voucher (only used within a Business Unit).Inter-Unit Transfer - A transaction, using journal source code TSF, where one business unit furnishes funds to another business unit.Fund A mandatory 5-digit chartfield that tracks a particular funding source (e.g., General Fund, Transportation Fund, etc.). Inquiry - A tool for pulling together information in vision.
Known as france a Vendor in vision.8.