I put about 60 from my wishlist into my cart right now (the sale is too good to pass up) and was thinking that I'd be getting a 20 off code.
(embarrassed) trying to buy dino crisis 1 and 2 but only have 10 credit ha joeydeacon, no sorry, I used my remaining code to grab Shadow of cote the Colossus from PSN Canada for.
If you had one of those codes to spare, I'd be more than happy to take one off your hands.As for Steam code region voucher restrictions, it gets a bit more tricky, as it's discount done country by country.I code missed the one post where you said you were all out.I think the current US sales (and UK) for that matter are gamesplanet pretty average redeem to be honest.Unfortunately, no code ever came.Unless you have bags of time to play it, cote Ive realised the game cant be completed in a reasonable timescale, started playing shorter, voucher more linear experiences, easier to justify the time required.D uer, gamesplanet hey, Joe!Joeydeacon, no worries, dont have any spare codes at the moment, but I know the feeling.I can't say if Skyrim is the same case, since apparently Bethesda is known for region restrictions.BiffyBear @joeydeacon you would be even more of a legend than you already are if you have any spare left?Dave_xiii, anybody would happen to have an extra voucher code laying around? You can check what are these 10 regions in websites like Steamprices.
Ive voucher got about half a dozen games in my basket on the Indonesian store store but Im waiting voucher until the new US sale on Tuesday before deciding on whether voucher to buy these or not with having this discount code.

joeydeacon, hi, Just given out 3 first come first served and I need to keep by the restaurant remaining two (one for restaurant US, the other for brasserie Canada) until cheltenham next sale goes live on Tues, if come Tues I dont voucher need them voucher and youre cote still after one.I've never received these e-mails from Sony even though I have always accepted to receive marketing material, such a bummer to only see Transaction e-mails joeydeacon, it doesnt help that Ive been trying to wade through Assassins Creed Origins for close to the past.Will send you the US code, may still use restaurant Canadian code for sotc.But not all cases are like that as there codes isn't a specific rule as how the region restriction variables are set.Like BiffyBear mentioned, if there are any other benefactors cote that have a spare 20 off code, please feel free to share 'em if ya'll ain't usin' 'em.I have a paltry 26 to get through, though PS takes that to around.I havent personally explored this yet, but someone has posted a 15 discount code to the PSN Singapore store on here (the games are in English) and you can get SG Credit from Seagm.Like the Return to Arkham pack, playing the first game (never played on PS3 really enjoying it, difference being only been playing it since Sunday and Im 1/4 way through already.There are the usual country pools for region restricted gifts/keys, like NA countries, Eastern Europe countries, CIS countries, Germany and Japan.Ive only briefly looked at prices and cost of credit but this seems largely the equivalent of a spend at PSN Canada.If I can save 12 on my purchase, I promise to put that money cote to good use (like on a Costco pizza).Let me know if you have one to spare.Joeydeacon, haha no I really wont be using it, Ive got roughly 90 unplayed games to get through. In reality this is years of game time, I get 1 to 2 hours per day game time at the most.
ErekoseDM: For Steam Store itself, it's segmented into 10 regions.

Plus 20-30 Vita games, a handful on the Switch, and a bunch of PS3/360 games I still intend to play (perhaps naively).
As for Nuuvem, all Steam games I've bought there so far seem to be region free (I've checked a couple of them on cdr websites after activating them, out of curiosity).
Someone already mentioned that Dark Souls PtD redeem Ed (EU) is 16 on GMG (after voucher, gMG20-GGN5D-FC3NA) BTW: Was this pegi 16 all before?