fortnum and mason afternoon tea review

We buy a jar of jam and a tin of tea to remind us of our afternoon playing ladies in London.
Accompanying the afternoon scones were clotted cream and individual jars of their famous jams.My daughter and I have swept up the creaking staircase to the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon on the fourth floor of the famous and historical store.The warmth in the room is hotel generated voucher by the décor, the intimacy of a table code for two and pleasant service; friendly and efficient but not intrusive.But Ive avoided the super high-end teas mostly because I cant imagine that theyre much, if any, better than the version I can get in my not-so-secret favorite spot for under.Fortnum Mason is a high end gourmet department fortnum store, specializing in teas, jams and other goodies.We are reluctant to drag ourselves away from the sanctuary of the tea salon but meander our way slowly down through explorica the spacious floors below, stocked with the best of everything.Its a very simple sponge cake, iced with marizpan.One thing I regretted was that we voucher mason didnt get to come back and maximize travel on our experience, as review we learned several things from this initial dining experience.I had wanted a refill on the pastries but didnt think Id have room to finish them and didnt want them to go to waste.Its definitely pricey, but most full service afternoon teas are.Everytime he visits London he always likes to go Fortnum Mason so I thought it would be the ideal way to treat him.Ive had tea sandwiches before, but there was something in the spread that made these sandwiches extra delicious.She got a kick out of the whole voucher pomp and circumstance of the afternoon and the dainty china, towers of treats and tiny sandwiches was exactly what she was expecting. The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon is quite elegant but not as opulent as Harrods-but easier to find, as their store is smaller.
Scones, scones, and more scones (both plain and fruited).
Actually, this is a good time to indulge in an extravagance like afternoon tea so it suited my friend Anne and me perfectly.

The scones were code lovely, although I must admit not piping hot.The assorted pastries consisted of afternoon a code pale pink frosted mini eclair, a French macaron, a chocolate travelup ganache coated cake square, a caramel mousse cake, and a round, biscuit-like cookie.These looked amazing and so travelup the code waiter kindly fortnum offered if I wanted to take some home, which flight was met with a resounding yes and so I took home a piece of travelup the spiced apple cake, which was wrapped in a beautiful ribboned doggy bag.Give us the lowdownespecially what not to miss.And for this, I cant fault them. I loved the traditional Fortnum Mason turquoise coloured teacups travelup and teapots.
The view fortnum through the arched windows is of slate rooftops fortnum on the other side of the street, turning white from the heavily-falling snow.

If the world stands still while we are tucked in here we wont notice.
Why mason cucumber sandwiches featured in stories about society and sophistication was a puzzle to me as they sounded about as appetising as bread and dripping.