From the voucher definitions and its recording procedures, the following features of bing the journal are marked: Book of definition primary entry: The first stage of accounting the accounting process is voucher to maintain a journal.
The first stage of the accounting process is journaled and journalizing.So, it is a personal account.Particulars or voucher Details Column: In this column the names of the two connected accounts are written in journal two consecutive lines - in the first line the name bing of account debited and in the second line the name of account credited.Proprietor receives benefit, when bing he withdraws money or goods from business.This makes ledger - posting easy.The underlying purpose of a JV is to create an audit trail, so that weeks, months, or years later if a question arrises regarding a transaction there is documented evidence and support for why a transaction was posted definition or posted in the manner that.But the transactions bing in between proprietor and business must be recorded in the books of both the proprietor and business.Note: Although the above form of journal is used in examination answer voucher book.Objects and Advantages of Journal, detail descriptions of transactions voucher are available in the journal, It is the primary and basic book for recording transactions.While the name of account debited always placed close the the left hand margin line, the name of account credited voucher is commenced a short distance away from the margin line. Narration is written below each entry.
It is used as a part of a company's internal control system.
A transaction is recorded on the same day it takes place.

This arrangement will show clearly which account is debited and which credited.This also shows that credit amount is placed on the voucher right side of forever debit amount.The buyer calls the voucher discount as "purchase discount" or gift "discount received".So there is no voucher possibility of gift any transaction being omitted from the voucher books of account.That is why the journal is called gift a subsidiary book to the ledger.Journal proper) the above form is used.Transactions between the business and its voucher proprietor are recorded in the following two accounts: Capital Account: The money with which proprietor starts his business is called capital.Journal shows the complete story of a transaction in one entry.On voucher the other hand, no transactions of the business can be recorded in the books of its proprietor.The uses of the journal are determined considering the necessity of the organization.Every small business needs to account by law for the profit or loss that it forever makes over time.Use of explanation: Journal entry of every transaction is followed by explanation or narration voucher because explanations of entries serve the purpose of future reference.Drawings A/C is the personal account of the proprietor, so it is classified as the personal account. Business Document Prepared, entry Recorded in Journal, entry Posted to Ledger.
Three or more accounts are connected with a compound entry.
For example; Purchase journal, sales journal, purchase return journal, sales return journal, cash receipt journal, cash disbursement journal arid journal proper.

So, there is no possibility of committing any mistake in writing the ledger.
From the above discussion, it can be said that the book journal of accounts, where after determining the debit and credit accounts of the transactions occurred in an organization is first recorded in chronological order of dates with a brief explanation, is called journal.