6f3c-6e8-abf4 (Love forum potion) - * expired *.
I received 5 CRC money with my last order from Chain Reaction voucher Cycles but these codes only have a 2 week expiry date.C43-25d7-f324 (2k coal deposit and a cheese sandwich) - * expired *.You could also try an export dump and demangle to see if there's anything blatant like CRC32.Posts: 1,237, enumerate other loaded modules when it's running and check all non-Windows modules for strings.Put codes the address of the start of the string in FSR ; . .CRC-16 creates a 16 forum bit ; (hence CRC-16) value which acts as a serial data stream validation ; check. .You can just unpack it then patch it Hi avatar91.NkrV3 is offline 18th January 2017, forum 05:59 PM # 16 avatar91 Super l337 Threadstarter voucher Join Date: May 2012 Posts: 204": Originally Posted by nkrV3 manually debugging the only option? Sponsored forum advertisement no new posts.
It sounds like an MFC module, but the suffix of "g" is strange.

That's another thing to check Yes, i voucher tried to scan all non-windows dlls and put all breakpoint to messagebox calls.Time to locate the crc check.757-3DCA-C6C4 (250 Brew) - * expired *.Thread, edited by me: "During the birthday event, voucher 20 special voucher codes will be "hidden".E86-5793-B824 (250 horses) - * expired *.I alrdy successful doing this.When i tried to analyze how it work i found out all its intermodular calls unidentified well, that's a pretty good indication that the call to MessageBox isn't in the main module, it's in some other module.Hopefully we can work on this together. Hack is a slus codes and crc DF05D056 quick question, what does scus mean?
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If it's a static addr but looks like garbage in memory without the program/game running then they're probably crypted.
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