If the contra cash is contra withdrawn from the voucher bank contra then the code cash will be debited and promo the bank will be credited.
The cashier must sign voucher the voucher in case of cash deposit or cash withdrawal.
Proper account july heads must be debited and credited, amount should be written both in figures and words.When cash is deposited define in to bank.Sign up, cannot retrieve contributors at this time.Amount in Words: Rupees code Fifteen Thousand Hundred only.The following points must be followed voucher while making a contra voucher.You will almost never define see this term used in an accounting text book. Prepare the necessary voucher of the same transaction in the books of M/S XYZ Limited.When the amount is transferred from one bank to other bank of the same company.But a Journal Voucher (JV) or General Voucher (GV) or Voucher all refer to the same thing.The company is having current account with both of banks. (Each company has their own language / terms.
How to Prepare Contra Voucher, if the cash is deposited in to bank then the bank will be debited and the cash will be credited.
Following are the source document for preparation of contra vouchers.

Source Documents for Preparation of storehouse Contra Voucher.Amount in Words: Rupees Fifty Thousand only.Solution: Contra Voucher storehouse promotional shall be prepared for the above transaction as follows: M/S XYZ limited, contra voucher, voucher.The underlying purpose of code trainline a JV is storehouse to create an guinness audit trail, so that weeks, months, or years later if a question promotional arrises regarding a transaction there is documented evidence and support code for why a transaction was posted or posted in the manner that.Managers Signature Cashiers Signature related terms.Join GitHub today, gitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host voucher and review code, manage projects, and build software together.If the amount is transferred from one bank to other bank by way of issuing a cheque or by other written instructions voucher then the bank where the cheque is deposited, will be debited and the bank from the amount is transferred, will be credited.Cheque Book Counter Foils:-, with the help of cheque book counter foils also, the contra vouchers can be prepared.It means that the contra voucher is prepared in respect of the following types of transactions.Illustration 1, cash deposited in to State Bank storehouse of India.15000/.07.15.When cash is withdrawn from the bank. debit: voucher State Bank of India Account 15000 guinness total 15000 credit: Cash Account 15000/ total 15000/ Narration: Being cash deposited in to State Bank of India as per Bank Pay in Slip enclosed.
546980 of Syndicate Bank for.50000/ deposited in State Bank of India.07.15.